Walk-in Emergency Services

Our Walk in clinic is ideal for short term urgent issues and times when you are not able to see your family doctor in a timely manner.

Walk-in Emergency Services

We offer walk-in medical services to patients so that you can see a doctor when you need one. Our Walk in clinic is ideal for short term urgent issues and times when you are not able to see your family doctor in a timely manner. Concerns that can be handled the same day are suitable to be seen in our walk in clinic. Pharmalinx Medical Walk-in Clinic provides a broad range of medical services to patients of all ages without the need of an appointment. In addition to treating acute illnesses and injuries our services include:

• Minor Emergencies
• STD testing
• Laceration suturing and gluing
• Immunization
• Wart Treatment
• Private Forms
• Pregnancy Testing
• Allergy shots
• Ear Flushing
• TB Tests
• Well Baby Check
• School Forms
• Travel Consultations (Uninsured)
• Travel Vaccines (Uninsured)
• Drivers Medical Exam (Uninsured)

Why Choose Us

Cutting edge technology

What truly separates us from the other medical centres and pharmacies is our specialized services that are entirely unique for our locations. Our clinics and pharmacies are equipped with highly sophisticated computer system that enable us to provide our patients with superior service.

In-depth patient counselling

Our pharmacy staff have all received extensive training in drug information and patient counselling. We are more than willing to provide you with detailed information about your prescriptions, as well as answer any questions you may have. We want to make sure you will get the intended benefit of the medication.

Home Visits and Free Delivery

Our home visits are designed to ensure that our valued customers are receiving the best treatments from within the comfort of their homes. We offer same day FREE delivery for our customers completely free of charge. We will deliver medications, OTC's, and vitamins weekly or when needed for FREE.

Family Practice

The physicians at Pharmalinx offer a variety of appointment choices throughout the week. We offer both male and female physicians. If your Pharmalinx physician is away, there is always someone there that can see you for your routine follow-ups.

Walk-in clinic

We provide walk-in medical care to our patients in all our locations Between our full service friendly and helpful staff, electronic medical records (EMR), an on-site lab, an in-clinic testing, we are prepared to make your visit quick and easy as possible.

Specialized Services

We are more than just a family practice. We have the following medical services such as, Rheumatology, Ophthalmology, Family Medicine, Walk-in, Blood Lab and More.